What can I buy?

Most of my images are available for purchase here on this website; just go to each image's page to see the purchase options.  In general, images can be purchased as:

  • prints, mugs, or other printed merchandise
  • as electronic files for personal use (e.g., as a desktop background)
  • or as electronic files for editorial, commercial, or other uses under a rights-managed license.

Just click "buy" on your favorite image to see all the options!

You may have noticed that all my images on this site are watermarked.  Don't worry, all prints and electronic copies of images are delivered WITHOUT the watermark seen on this site.

All prints are fulfilled by a company in Texas, and will be shipped from them direclty to you.  I use this company for my own personal printing, and love their products.  Electronic purchases will be provided as high-quality JPG files immediately upon completion of checkout and payment; the files are provided automatically by the website, and no interaction from me is required. 

Small business and educational use?

Unfortunately, my automated cart system doesn't let me price out every option I'd like.  Local small businesses, for example, may not want to deal with the hassle of a rights-managed license, and so for them I offer up my standard small business price brochure.  Contact me directly to purchase images under those prices.

If you're a student or educator working on a non-commercial school-related project, you can typically use my images freely.  As with anyone’s work that you use, a citation with a reference to this website is necessary :)